$100,000.00 USD

First Millionaire in 2023 - Mastermind mit 1:1 Support

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About First Millionaire 2023

When Mastermind meets 1:1 support, then we are talking about First Millionaire 2023.

This new program is only for women who want to earn a million dollars in 2023 directly in the first quarter of 2023.

First Millionaire 2023 is your absolute shortcut a new million dollars.

For Whom?

The program is for everyone, 
powerful women who already have their own business
and want to make their first or new million as
quickly as possible in 2023

 What do you get? 

  • Weekly Mastermind Call (Value: 50.000$)
  • Daily support from Jeanine in the group of participants and individual feedback  (20.000$)
  • 14-day 1:1 call with Jeanine.
  • 3 day retreat in Los Angeles in late March.

You can listen to all the content on your mobile phone or, of course, simply on your PC.


The official duration of the program is immediately-04/12/2023.


The price is $100,000 USD