$9,997.00 USD

⚜️Business Revolution - Unlock Your Potential, Expand Your Empire (1:1 Session)

⚜️ Discover Your Life Purpose & Prosperity Path! 💸💛🌪️

In this powerful individual channeling session, you will receive deep insides into your life path and your unique talents. This knowledge allows you easily to identify how to create a business or integrate this knowledge in your current business. Trust us, when we say these are your unique money-maker talents. 💸🙏🏻❤️

The Channeling session will be 45 Min and you have the possibility to record this session on your device. 

[No refunds are available. Please consider before booking your session.🙏🏻]


  • How many channeling sessions are there every month?
  • Can I ask anything during the session?
    • No, these sessions will focus on your individual life purpose and will help you see your individual gifts in a clear way
  • How do I know which date my channeling session will be?
    • After booking, you will receive access to our scheduling site and can choose your date. You will find a spot within the next 20 days.
  • How long is my session going to be?
    • Your session will be 45 Min long.