$20,000.00 USD

Anchor Your Why


When you start your business or are already quite successful, usually after the first two million in sales, the question often comes up - what now? This moment can feel overwhelming, sometimes empty.

It feels like you made it and at the same time you didn't. In this intensive program we will find your multi-million dollar business. My special gift is to use my method to find out within a very short time why you are here, how you can serve humanity to the maximum and create a multi-million dollar business out of it.

Our anchor is our WHY, our purpose, this was the turbo to my multimillion and now I'm ready to show you.

For Whom?

 This course is for you if you are ready to let me look deep into your soul and really help you face your fears and show your gift to the world.

What do you get?

  • 4 weeks of intensive group coaching with Jeanine.
    • Live every Monday & Thursday.
  • Two 1:1 sessions of 30 minutes each, in which we pursue an intensive process to your WHY.
  • Access to Boss Bitch Academy for 6 weeks (Worth: 5.555 USD)
  • Start: 01.02.23 - 28.02.23

Access Duration:

After purchase, you will get access to the content for 6 weeks. The recordings of your 1:1 sessions belong to you.


A bank transfer of the full amount is possible, please send us an email to [email protected]


Was ehemalige Teilnehmerinnen sagen:

Ich probiere Worte zu finden, für das, was in den letzten beiden Wochen passiert ist. Mein Dior Einkauf für fast 20.000€, sagt wohl alles. 🛍

Kathrin H.

Jeanine, Du bist einfach die Mother of Money 😄. Aus tiefstem Herzen Danke.

Jessica M.

Du hast mich direkt gesehen! Wow! Wie schnell du Programme siehst und erstellst! Danke liebe Jeanine

Jeanette D.